Onsite IT Support Melbourne

We are a market leader in delivering Onsite IT Support services in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our around the clock service means, there is a guaranteed solution to your IT problem any time and any day of the week. MLK Computing provides residential customers and businesses with experienced IT Support Engineers, who are well trained across all the leading vendor’s technology platforms. This enables our Melbourne Onsite IT Support Engineers to solve any technical issue in quicker time. Our focus is on providing very reliable and instant service to ensure that our customers can receive effective support, that they can rely on. At MLK Computing, our Melbourne based IT Technicians have a broad range of skills and expertise with all kinds of IT gadgets. We provide support for technical issues you may be having with applications, Hardware support, networking, Microsoft Exchange, Operating Systems, Servers, and Routers. We are available on a demand basis to your home or office with “NO FIX NO FEE” policy. With our highly customer focused policy, we ensure you will pay us for the service you are looking for. To find out more or to book an Onsite IT Support Technician in Melbourne, please contact us 24/7.

CALL: 03 9470 6723