Offsite Data Backup

MLK Computing offers offsite data backup services. Offsite data backup is a very crucial requirement for any business in order to overcome data protection challenges. These days, every business faces several challenges to protect a volume of data. Data loss or corruption of data can result in project delays, increases non-productive time and initiates liability headaches.

Offsite data backup service provides an efficient way to backup important files and any kind of media at an off-site location. Our data backup servers use powerful software applications and hardware configurations that combine easily into a wide range of data protection solutions. Our data backup services are the simplest solution to ensure critical data stored on desktop computers, laptops and servers are protected through centralised data policy management.

MLK Computing – Offsite data backup service increases reliability of data and recovery strategies with minimal administrative costs and time.

We offer very affordable data backup services. Offsite data backup service is the best solution and relatively the cheaper option when compared with data recovery. To find out more about organising and implementing the best data management solution, in order to ensure business continuity and to protect valued customer data, contact us and one of our consultants specialised in offsite data backup will assist you.

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