Hard Drive Recovery

MLK Computing, based in Melbourne is second to none in Hard Drive Recovery. MLK Computing has Data Recovery Engineers providing quick and affordable Hard Drive Recovery services for Residential and business customers.

If you lost data, our Hard Drive Recovery experts will be able to recover all the data in most of the cases. Over the past few years, we have come across different kinds of hard drive failures. The extent to which data can be recovered really depends on the actual problem and the seriousness of it. Some of the commonly seen problems are physical damage, accidental formatting, virus attacks, accidental deletion and natural disasters.

Our Hard Drive Recovery technicians will assess your hard drive and it can be categorised accordingly. Logical failure which means the drive will be working fine yet data is not accessible. The second potential possibility is mechanical failure which means either Read/Write heads have failed to work. It could be also due to the electronic failure where there is a possibility of failure of electronic boards on the back of the hard drive. This diagnosis will help our Hard Drive Recovery experts to take vital decisions in regards to the recovery of your data.

At MLK Computing, we aim to repair and recover your data. If repairing the existing hard drive is not feasible, our Hard Drive Recovery experts will transfer all of your data onto a new hard drive.

In addition to this, MLK Computing – Hard Drive Recovery engineers can recover data from servers, RAID arrays, USB drives and memory cards.

All our hard drive recovery services are guaranteed with NO FIX NO FEE policy. To find out more about our data recovery services, please contact us and one of our hard drive recovery specialists will assist you.

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