Data Services


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Data security and availability are indispensable for any business to run successfully. Nowadays, Cybercrime in on steady rise, daily resulting in data theft, corruption and intruder access. At MLK Computing, we offer very secure and elastic data services. Our range of data services includes Data recovery, internal data backup and offsite data backup.

Data recovery is one of the most sought after services these days. Data can be lost due to hardware or software failure, viruses can corrupt data, physical damage and accidental deletion. Depending on the scenario, our Data recovery technicians in Melbourne can enforce the appropriate technique to extract the maximum amount of data.

Data backup is highly recommended for individuals and businesses as it will ensure the availability of your data anytime and from anywhere in the world. We have high processing servers with state of the art hardware and software technology to safeguard your data. We can setup your data to back up on our servers on a regular or periodical basis.

To find out more about our data service, please contact us.

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