Computer Repairs Southbank Melbourne

At MLK Computing, we are committed to deliver comprehensive computer support services. We are proud to be the industry’s leading Computer Repairs Southbank Melbourne professionals providing top quality yet affordable services.

Why Choose Us?

Working with us to solve the issues you are facing with your device will mean that your valuable device is in safe hands. We treat every project with complete personal attention ensuring the best handling of your valuable devices. Our team of over 20 highly trained and experienced professionals is our backbone for delivering top notch services and support.

Conditional on the type of issue encountered, we offer our Computer Repairs Southbank Melbourne services in the following ways:

  • Onsite service
  • Offsite service
  • Remote support

The convenience of our clients is also given due consideration while deciding on the type of service being provided.

What Makes Us The Best?

The persistence, dedication and hands-on experience possessed by our workforce at MLK Computer Repairs Southbank Melbourne is our biggest asset. We understand the fast development of the IT industry and the rising competition in the market. Thus, we make sure that our technical staff keeps up with the most updated information in our field.

In addition to technical knowledge, we also train our staff for providing the best customer care to enhance your experience of doing business with us. We keep you informed about the problem encountered with your device so as to set the right expectations regarding the time required to solve the issue, the cost involved and the chances of recurrence (which we make sure to be the lowest).

Your satisfaction is our aspiration.

Whom Do We Serve?

Whether you are a small organization with all your work dependent on your computers or a large enterprise with an internal network or a home user, we are capable of handling all kinds of projects.

What about the expenses?

With customer satisfaction as our primary goal, the cost factor is secondary. We start with compiling the symptoms, encircling the solutions available and selecting the best way of delivering the solution. Unless the process of fixing the device is complete and comprehensive testing is performed to ensure the normal working of the device, we don’t charge you anything. We strive to offer you our services at the best possible rates. Call MLK Computer Repairs Southbank Melbourne today to know how we can help you!

Our Services:

To access MLK Computer Repairs Southbank Melbourne services, contact us or leave a message on our website. We will reply you within the next 24 hours.

Call us now: 03 9470 6723 or Email:

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