Computer Repairs Kensington

At MLK Computing – Computer Repairs Kensington we are problem-solvers. We relish the opportunity to provide effective and speedy solutions to every kind of computer repair or IT issue. We have a dedicated team of talented technicians who are available to come to you onsite, or help you out offsite, 24/7. Whether it’s network issues, laptop problems or PC malfunctions we’ve got the perfect solutions – and prices – to fix your problem. We service small-medium sized businesses in the Kensington area, as well as home customers. We work with all types of clients on a variety of different computer problems. To give you 100% satisfaction, we’ve also introduced a no fix no fee guarantee that promises to only charge you when we deliver results.

We already have competitively low prices, but now we’re introducing a 10% discount for new customers to MLK. These discounts and great service apply to all customers throughout Melbourne. Contact us to find out more!

Our Services:

You can trust us to help you get the best answers to your questions and know that in an emergency a technician in your local area will be able to help solve it quickly and painlessly.

Call us now: 03 9470 6723 or Email:

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