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Hi there! Welcome to MLK Computing – Computer Repairs Epping. In Epping and the surrounding suburbs, our onsite computer repairs technicians provide very reliable and affordable computer repairs and maintenance services for residential and business customers.

At MLK Computing – Computer Repairs Epping, we have PC technicians operating 24/7 to attend any of your IT issues promptly. Over the past few years, we’ve been serving the Epping community and emerged as the best computer repairs and IT support service provider.

Our Onsite Computer Repairs technicians in Epping are capable of repairing desktop computer and laptops of all makes and models. One thing that earns good reputation and word of mouth referrals to us in Epping community is being an honest and fair place for all your IT needs. Our Epping Computer Repair technicians delve deep into your scenario to identify the root cause of the problem. This enables us to make vital decisions. At times, it is not worthwhile repairing a computer or it would cost the amount of money where it can be spent on buying a new system.

Our Epping onsite Computer repairs technicians will not be hesitant to tell this kind of information which helps you to solve your dilemma.

Having said that, our Epping onsite computer repair specialists assist you with hardware repairs, installing additional drives & hardware parts, software configurations, network troubleshooting & setting up small to medium sized networks, server installation & troubleshooting, ADSL support, e-mail outlook support, backup solutions and computer performance optimization.

At MLK Computing – Computer Repairs Epping, you are best assured with NO FIX NO FEE policy and for guaranteed service.

To find out more about our Epping computer repairs service or book an onsite technician in Epping, please contact us.

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You can trust us to help you get the best answers to your questions and know that in an emergency a technician in your local area will be able to help solve it quickly and painlessly.

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