Computer Repair Technicians

Welcome to MLK Computing – The home of Computer Repair Technicians. At MLK Computing, we have been providing computer repair services for residential and business customers in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

If you are looking for a computer repair technician for your home or office computer support, MLK Computing will be able to arrange at your convenient time. MLK Computing has got a diversified skill set embracing all brands and models of desktop computers, laptops and notebooks.

Our Computer Repair Technicians provide a quick solution to your computer issue and provide you any additional advice or support you need to improve computer performance and user experience. In several scenarios, by simple upgrade and quick removal of unnecessary programs that might be sucking too many resources, our computer repair technicians were able to improve the computer and laptop performance. If you also have performance issues, our techs will assist you with that.

MLK Computing can arrange a computer repair technician to you 24/7 and can come over to your home or office location in a short period of time. At times, it is quite possible to provide quick remote support for minor problems.

There is NO FIX NO FEE policy on every service offered by our Computer Repair Technicians. To find out more information or to book a computer repair technician, please contact us.

Our Services:

You can trust us to help you get the best answers to your questions and know that in an emergency a technician in your local area will be able to help solve it quickly and painlessly.

Call us now: 03 9470 6723 or Email:

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