Computer Repair Services

MLK Computing – Computer Repair Services team provides very affordable computer services to residential and business customers in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. At MLK Computing – Our Computer Repair Services team is fully aware of latest technologies and trained with all brands & models to deal any kind of faulty computer, laptop and notebook you may have.

Our Computer Repair Services team are capable of computer repairing, PC & laptop health check, widows repair & upgrade services, networking, networking, keyboard repairs, screen replacement, power pin repairs and hardware supply.

Over the past few years, MLK Computing – Computer Repair Services team has been highly successful in repairing computer and improving the performance. If your computer is running fine without any problems but have performance issues, our computer technicians will be able to provide a decent solution to you. In most of the cases, rather buying a new computer or laptop which involves again data transfer and installing all the software, we suggest to upgrade some of the existing hardware components to maximize the performance.

MLK Computing – Computer Repair Services team offers upgrade & installation services to Memory, processors, Modems, Software installation, Outlook configuration, Hard disks, Cabling, Printer & Scanner installation, Graphic card and Motherboards.

To find out more about our MLK Computing – Computer Repair Services or to book a Computer Repair Services technician, please contact us.

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You can trust us to help you get the best answers to your questions and know that in an emergency a technician in your local area will be able to help solve it quickly and painlessly.

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