Business VOIP Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a future-ready technology that has revolutionised the telecommunication industry. At MLK Computing, we give you customised business VoIP solutions that save money, empower your employees and enhance their productivity.

The benefits of VoIP solutions

For businesses, VoIP is an excellent solution. For one, it is flexible, scalable and portable. An efficient business VoIP solution empowers your company by improving the user experience for your customers. Such a system also gives you the freedom to manage customer calls from a remote location. With fewer dropped or missed calls to complain about and lesser waiting time, your customers are definitely going to be a happier lot.

However, not all VoIP solutions are the same. They differ based on the features they come with. In order to obtain the best benefits from VoIP, it is important to identity a solution that can give your business the best results.

At MLK Computing, we understand the requirements of your business and provide the best business VoIP solution for you. Our solutions are compatible with advanced telephony infrastructures and high speed networks. From voice mail, 3 way calling and email forwarding to tracking call history and real time call data support, we are equipped to deal with all kinds of VoIP systems.

Besides providing you with a fully customised VoIP solution, we also manage it efficiently at an affordable monthly fee. We ensure that our overhead costs are low so that you can save more on the service.

Highlights of our VoIP service

Over the years, we have dealt with a wide range of VoIP systems with different configurations. We understand VoIP systems and can analyse their different features to evaluate their suitability for your business.

When it comes to VoIP calls, you can never compromise on the voice or sound clarity. At MLK Computing, we make sure that the system you install has extremely satisfactory sound quality over the cloud.

Effective VoIP solutions can help you save nearly 50 percent of your call costs. Our team works to offer you a solution that brings many such benefits. Furthermore, by giving you custom solutions, we ensure that you don’t spend unnecessarily on features that you don’t use.

  • Advanced business VoIP solutions
  • Just $88 per extension
  • Unlimited local and mobile calls
  • Reliable and prompt customer service

Contact us today to leverage VoIP technology for your business. Call 03 9470 6723 to book a consultation.

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